Kamchatka is pure heaven for fly fishermen from around the world....The lodge is only a one minute walk from the Chavanga River. It is designed for 7 guests and offers a great number of amenities to make your stay more pleasant such as a drying room, bathroom, sauna, TV and more.  Our local chef will surprise you with daily traditional meals from around the country,

The Kola Peninsula is the last remaining Atlantic Salmon fishing wilderness to be discovered. There were numerous pitfalls for the early pioneers who explored the region however the rewards that waited emboldened the organizers and inspired the followers. When it comes to outstanding fly fishing rivers for Atlantic Salmon Russia’s Kola Peninsula stands head and shoulders above the rest of the world as the ultimate destination for truly outstanding salmon fishing. Salmon fishing trip to Kola Peninsula is not just a salmon fishermen paradise but at the same time an absolute wilderness retreat. The average salmon from a typical Kola river may not be as big and heavy, like those salmon running up the mighty Norwegian rivers, but they are plentiful and they are offering great sport. Besides these healthy runs of Atlantic Salmon from the beginning of fishing season in late May, there are beautiful Sea Trout, too, and the native big Brown Trout and lovely Arctic Grayling, which are inhabiting these rivers permanently and adding a lot of beauty and joy to the fly fishing.

The Chavanga river flows in the southern part of Kola Peninsula. It runs into the White sea, 60 km to the east from the Varzuga river estuary. The Chavanga is a medium sized river, with solid runs of Atlantic salmon. It also offers a great variety of fish such as large sea trout, native brown trout, and Grayling. Once you explore the Chavanga you will fall in love with its nature and untouched wilderness. The fishing territory is 17 km from the estuary to the waterfall where most of the fish find it too hard to pass. This river is very friendly and fairly shallow, so you can comfortably get the best position to fish best pools. Fishing for Atlantic salmon while discovering the untouched beauty of the Kola Peninsula is truly amazing.